The First Global Litecoin Summit is Just Days Away

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Litecoin has been a hot topic in the cryptosphere for some time – even being labeled a bargain crypto by eToro – but it has missed the air of authority that comes with an official summit. Now, after a lengthy wait, the first Litecoin Summit will take place in a couple of days’ time, bringing together speakers from around the blockchain space in San Francisco. The event itself is hosted by the Litecoin Foundation, so it carries the approval of Litecoin founder Charlie Lee – who also happens to be one of the lead speakers at the event.

Stacked Selection of Speakers

Charlie Lee is likely to be the headline act at what will be a blockbuster summit, but he is by no means standing alone on the bill. Showcasing the draw of Litecoin, some huge names will be speaking. For starters, Elizabeth Stark (Lightning Labs CEO) and Eric Winer (Gemini Engineering VP) will likely present can’t miss talks. On top of that, Diego Guriérrez Zaldivar (RSK Labs CEO), Adam Draper (Boost VC Managing Director), Alex Bosworth (Source Labs Co-Founder), Bill Barhyt (Abra CEO), and Michel Ou (CoolbitX CEO) will all be speaking.
That isn’t all either, as in total there will be more than 40 speakers taking to the stage, along with several high-profile sponsors. At the Litecoin Summit, it’s safe to say that the deck is stacked with the cryptocurrency and blockchain voices that matter.

Naomi Brockwell Hosts the Action

If the huge number of speakers don’t deliver enough star power, the whole event will be hosted by leading crypto and TV personality Naomi Brockwell. Known for being a key figure in the crypto space and as a lady that isn’t afraid to speak her mind, she’s the perfect host for an event of this grandeur and scale.

Plenty to Talk About

What’s truly set to make this event unforgettable is the fact that nothing is off the table. From blockchain scaling to smart contracts and payment adoption to digital currency design, the floor will truly be open at the first Litecoin Summit. Topics that are sure to get people excited include taxation, regulation, and the social impact of blockchain, as many leading speakers will be keen to give an opinion on the current state of affairs surrounding the cryptocurrency market.

Expect Some Big Announcements

As always, with a summit of this size, speculation is rife that we’ll hear a huge announcement related to Litecoin at the event. Gemini are one of the platinum sponsors of the Litecoin Summit, so it’s expected that they may announce that they’ll be listing Litecoin for trading soon. Everyone is remaining tight-lipped on the matter at present, but it’s likely that this could very well become official at the event. What we do know is that an announcement will come from CoolWallet, as they have advised attendees to keep their eyes peeled for something special.

Don’t Miss Out!

Can’t make it to the first Litecoin Summit? Then make sure you tune in online at, as the event will be streamed live to the world, so you can catch all the speakers as they take the stage. will also make it possible for online watchers to pose questions as well, which is certainly a nice touch. If you are still looking to attend the Litecoin Summit, don’t worry, as tickets are still available. It’s not too late to meet like-minded people, as well as learn from the numerous speakers and sponsors, up close and in person.