Steer Clear of the Bitcoin Future Scam

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There are so many active crypto scams around that you could fill a cruise ship with con artists. This simply isn’t a good thing for the crypto world, if that wasn’t already obvious. Some of these scams are very professional and could catch out even the most experienced crypto investor.

Today, we’re looking into the Bitcoin Future scam that is promising people guaranteed returns on investments for the small donation of $214. It’s one of the best-designed scams we’ve seen lately, but it’s not good enough to fool the BitStarz News team.

Becoming the Next Millionaire or the Next Person Getting Scammed?

Also known as, Bitcoin Future makes some rather grand promises. The first thing you’re greeted with when you land on the home page is a big slab of text that reads: “Bitcoin Is Making People Rich And you can Become the Next Millionaire…” Sure, Bitcoin has made many people millionaires, but these people bought in when the price was incredibly low – less than $1,000. To become a millionaire from Bitcoin now is pretty tough work from passive investments, you would need to trade your way to riches.

Steer Clear of the Bitcoin Future Scam1

Next up is this fantastic countdown timer that claims due to high demand registrations will close in six and a half minutes. The reality is that as soon as you refresh the page, the timer starts all over again – not today, Bitcoin Future. Finally, there is a nice little video that features Richard Branson, just to make the website feel a little more legitimate.

The Reviews Are All the Same

Even the simplest scam knows to use multiple different reviews – it takes a few minutes to write three of four different reviews. But, the scammers behind Bitcoin Future have thrown the rule book out the window and posted the same review for all of the happy “customers”. It’s quite hard to believe that Mark K, Jennifer A, Ernest I, and Jane K all from different parts of the US said the exact same thing.

Steer Clear of the Bitcoin Future Scam2
Steer Clear of the Bitcoin Future Scam3

If you connect from a different country, Mark, Jennifer, Ernest, and Jane all miraculously swap to a city that is in the country you’re viewing the site from. This is another major red flag, as these testimonials are clearly fakes.

Steer Clear of the Bitcoin Future Scam4
Steer Clear of the Bitcoin Future Scam5

Allegedly Secure with Fake Partnerships

Bitcoin Future then goes on to claim it has a number of partnerships all designed to make it safe and secure. It allegedly uses BitGo, Norton Security, McAfee, and Secure Trading. Now, you can’t install McAfee or Norton Security on a website or trading platform – they’re both client-side installations. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this, so seeing these two logos instantly creates a connection of trust between the user and the scammer. Finally, we reached out to Secure Trading to verify the partnership between the two.

Email requests to Bitcoin Future went unanswered/A representative denied any relationship between Secure Trading and Bitcoin Future, adding that their logo was used without permission.

Bold Claims Throughout

If the hairs on the back of your neck aren’t already standing on end, things just get worse. In a neat FAQ section, Bitcoin Future claims that members typically profit €1,111.36 daily. It then goes on to add that some members have made their first million in as few as 61 days. That’s a pretty bold claim and there is no evidence to back this up. The “live results” table goes around in loops and you can catch the same sequences if you hang around long enough.

Flimsy Technical Aspects

Typically, a trading platform that processes this many trades per day would be running on its own high-powered server. Instead, Bitcoin Future is on a server along with 508 other websites. This is a colossal number of websites to share a server with, and is probably the reason the website often takes a long period of time to load. It’s currently living on a server with the IP of – sharing the server with websites from all around the globe.

Steer Clear of the Bitcoin Future Scam6

Lastly, the most worrying piece of information any investor could ever find – the domain is 12 days old – at time of press. This means the claims of traders making millions in 61 days is completely bogus, as the site hasn’t been around that long.

Steer Clear of the Bitcoin Future Scam7

Conclusion = It’s a Scam!

Everything we’ve found points directly to Bitcoin Future being a scam. The videos and articles praising the platform are no doubt paid for by the scammers, as they seek to bring in as much cash from unsuspecting victims as possible. The allure of getting rich quick is too much for many people to resist, giving Bitcoin Future a powerful tool to draw in cash. We’ve seen other “companies” like GlowCryptos use a similar method to draw in users, with such also turning out to be a major scam.