Samsung Integrates Tron Cryptocurrency in Tech Stack

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Justin Sun happily took to Twitter today to announce that his cryptocurrency has been integrated into Samsung Blockchain Keystore, an SDK and technology stack for blockchain developers looking to deploy into Samsung’s massive ecosystem.

Tron Rides Samsung Coattails

Tron is far from a popular item in the Galaxy Store.

Tron is far from the most popular app in the Galaxy Store.

Few, if any, Tron dApps have yet risen to prominence in any of Samsung’s distribution products such as the Galaxy Store, depicted above on a Galaxy S10 owned by this reporter.

At this point, no cryptocurrency applications are reining very hard in any app store, although interest will return when the markets start going haywire again.

Many expect Bitcoin’s coming halvening to break the calm waters the Bitcoin price has been treading for months.

Developers will now have an easier time building Tron dApps for Samsung devices.

While the obvious applications are user-facing, there are plenty of Samsung products that quietly power the world, such as its appliances and smart home technology.

Samsung making nice with Ethereum, Tron, and other blockchain tech stacks means that, potentially, we might see more blockchain integration in several of the areas the company does well in.

Known today for its mobile devices and wearables, Samsung has products in virtually every aspect of electronics, many of which integrate with each other.

The Samsung Effect for Cryptocurrency

Samsung itself has a greater network than several cryptocurrencies combined, probably including Bitcoin. Getting the tech giant to partner with blockchain companies is certainly a giant leap forward for the industry.

Justin Sun reportedly told cryptocurrency outlet CoinDesk:

[blockquote] “One of the biggest frictions in the dapp user experience is the wallet. With the Tron/Samsung integration, users won’t need any third party wallet anymore. and develops can just focus on the content they are building and provide a seamless experience to end users.”

Tron saw a pump this week after Chinese president Xi Jinping urged his countrymen to “seize the opportunity” that is blockchain technology. Tron, along with other Chinese-originating cryptocurrencies, saw a boost.

The growing Ethereum alternative is not the first to get a boost from a Samsung nod. Previously, Samsung bolted EnjinCoin when it included the blockchain gaming company’s technology in its Ethereum wallet offering, which was prominent during the unveiling of the Galaxy S10.