Samourai Wallet Increases Privacy with Dojo

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Samourai Wallet is a popular crypto wallet amongst privacy focused crypto users, with it having just rolled out a game changing new feature – Dojo. Currently, when you send a transaction on the blockchain you have to trust someone at some point to verify the information – this makes everything a little less private and secure. Dojo is an easy to use, plug and play Bitcoin full node that seamlessly connects to your Bitcoin wallet. Rather than trusting someone else to validate your transactions, you can validate them yourself – an impressive feature to say the very least.

Best Looking Node Around

Before we get into the technical specifications of this custom-built Bitcoin, we have to comment on the uber-stylish design. When it comes to Bitcoin mining and validating, rigs are usually rather unsightly. Dojo completely redefines all known principles about style in the Bitcoin industry – someone give it an award for being the best-looking node out there.

Samourai has teamed up with Bitseed to develop the Dojo hardware, so we’re expecting something similar to the Bitseed 3 in terms of spec. That means under the hood we can expect a powerful Intel J1900 Quad Core CPU with 4GB of DRAM and a 1TB HDD – more than enough to keep you running for 5 years at the current block size. Be warned though, when you initially set up Dojo, you’re going to need to download the entire Bitcoin blockchain – it currently sits at 221GB. If you have a slow internet connection, it could take a while to download all of this – so take it into consideration before you head out and buy a Dojo.

samurai dojo

Quick and Easy Configuration

Samourai has been suffering a little bit lately, as Google Play removed its mobile wallet from the Google Play Store. This led Samourai to launch its wallet via APK format on its website. This might seem like a complicated step, but it’s simple to download and install – don’t worry. In a bid to make using Dojo super easy, users will only have to scan a code to connect their wallets.

For the Sake of Privacy

Samourai is already one of the leading crypto wallets for people who love privacy, and Dojo takes this one step further. By bypassing the Samourai servers totally with the Dojo full node, you will be able to keep your Bitcoin public keys even more secure – ensuring you stay masked from people who are trying to uncover every Bitcoin address owner. Mimblewimble looks like it could be the solution to Bitcoin’s privacy issues, but we’re still a long way off seeing anything materialize from the concept. Dojo and Samourai are here now, so if you truly care about your privacy you should swap.

If you don’t want to buy the Dojo full node, you can download the code directly from Samourai’s GitHub page and run it on your own machine – providing the specs are good enough. Dojo is set to be a real gamechanger and will be a massive thorn in the side of people who aim to make the Bitcoin blockchain completely public. Dojo isn’t available just yet, but will be available for purchase very soon.