Paris Saint-Germain Set to Launch its Own Fan Crypto Token

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With every passing week, more football clubs from around Europe are getting their hands dirty in the crypto industry. Tottenham Hotspur has so far been the only big club to get involved with cryptos, thanks to an advertising deal with eToro paid fully in Bitcoin. However, they are now joined in the cryptosphere by the French giants Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). PSG has announced plans to launch its own fan token, which will give fans the ability to vote on various club matters and receive rewards.
The French football club has partnered with Socios to launch the new fan tokens, which is purportedly set to happen this season, but no official date has been confirmed. The new tokens won’t represent a holding at the club, as it is merely a token used to vote and interact with cosmetic changes. The tokens can be used to vote on matters such as next season’s kit, music to be played in the stadium, and even the squad selection for charity games.

Blockchain Coming to Football

The football industry makes for the perfect blockchain candidate, especially given all the corruption scandals and black-market tickets. Fans hate finding themselves at the stadium with a fake ticket, and blockchain is set to make that a thing of the past. UEFA has successfully completed trialing its blockchain ticketing app and is looking set to roll it out for all games in the Europa League and Champions League this season. Every ticket holder will have a unique private key stored on their mobile app, which will be verified upon reaching the stadium to unlock seat access.

Clubs Being Sold for Cryptos

Previously, clubs have relished the idea of buying and selling players for cryptocurrencies due to the publicity it generates, but few had considered selling ownership for digital currencies. Rimini FC 1912 decided to take an alternative approach when looking for its next partial owner. The club was tapped up by crypto and football magnate Pablo Dana, as he proceeded to buy a portion of the club using his own crypto – Quantacoin. Pablo Dana is the man responsible for Gibraltar FC paying its players this season using the very same cryptocurrency. When it comes to merging football with cryptocurrencies, Pablo Dana is the go-to guy.

Not Quite a Collectible

Over in America, teams from Major League Baseball (MLB) are turning to blockchain collectibles in order to drive up club revenue amid falling attendance numbers. The LA Dodgers are planning their first digital bobblehead night, whereby the first 40,000 people to enter the stadium will receive a redeemable card with a digital bobblehead of top Dodgers players. While PSG’s new fan tokens aren’t quite as collectible as the MLB bobbleheads, they will certainly play a role in the future of the club.
PSG fan tokens will be available for purchase with Chilliz native token ($CHZ) once the system goes live. The goal is that it will encourage fans to get more involved with the club. By bringing new technology and gadgets to the sporting world, PSG is clearly hoping to attract the next generation of football fans.