Next Week in Crypto – 04/15/19-04/21/19

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Next week in crypto sees mainnets, testnets, OS launches, and summits from the likes of Mainframe, VeChain, Everex, and IoTeX. It promises to be a busy week, so let’s dive in and see if anything tickles your fancy.

April 15-21 – IoTeX Mainnet

IoTex (IOTX) has promised that their mainnet will launch this week. The Internet-of-Things project, which ran its ICO in February last year, has been running mainnet “rehearsals” for the past two weeks, and recently threw out some nice stats – its 50+ delegates have produced 100,000+ blocks, are now syncing 1,500+ blocks per minute, and are running 250+ finalized transfers per second on the mainnet. This is one launch that looks like it should run fairly smoothly.

April 15 – Mainframe OS Launch

“Mainframe OS is the portal to this brighter world.” So starts the teaser video for the forthcoming launch from Mainframe (MFT), which launches Monday. There are more grandiose terms included in the accompanying blog, like “symbiotic relationship”, “new paradigm”, and “self-sovereign identity”. Ooooooh. Wading through the sales pitch, Mainframe is, at its core, a platform where anyone can make and market dApps with no third-party control over content and complete privacy from the user’s perspective. This will end well.

April 15-21 – Everex Exchange Beta Test

Everex, a project that has been around since the bygone days of 2016, is scheduled to start beta testing its exchange this week, following their announcement at the end of March that they were able to start onboarding US clients. Everex, who offer blockchain based microlending, remittances and merchant payment, have until this point only been operational in Asia, and so to finally be able to reach the US is big news for the company. U.S. customers can still join the waiting list for the platform.

April 16-17 – Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Paris Blockchain Week Summit, which only goes on for two days despite the name, does at least feature blockchain and it is in Paris, so that’s something. The list of companies and speakers however is nothing to joke about. There will be talks from representatives of Tezos, Binance, ZCash, Ripple, IOTA, and more, as well as speakers from investment funds, regulatory bodies, research groups, charities…the list goes on. They’ve even got David Chaum, one of the cypherpunk OGs. It’s a heck of a lot to squeeze into just two days, so it’s sure to be quite an event. Really they could have done with stretching it over a week, but then what would you all it? Tickets for Paris Blockchain Week Summit are still available.


April 18 – VeChain Summit 2019

The one-day VeChain Summit 2019 is being held in Fort Mason, San Francisco CA, and is likely to be an exciting event for fans of the project. VeChain and its umbrella projects have had quite a year, with the OceanEx exchange launch and a number of partnerships announced. Rumors are already swirling of some big announcements at the summit. Speakers include, naturally, lots of VeChain top guys and girls, as well as folks from DNV GL, Microsoft, Stanford University, BMW, and Deloitte. You can see why rumors start, can’t you? Three guest speakers are yet to be announced, and given the caliber of who’s already there they could well be headline makers. Tickets are still available, with cash payments and VET tokens accepted. Nice touch.


Paris or San Francisco?

We hope you like our pick of the top events going on in the crazy world of crypto next week. Whether you’re headed to Paris or San Francisco, or just playing around with the Mainframe app at home, we hope you have a good week!