MicroStrategy Bitcoin Holding – The Numbers Crunched

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • The MicroStrategy Bitcoin story has been one of the most incredible of the crypto sector in 2020
  • The software company has spent over a billion dollars on the cryptocurrency between August and December
  • What are some of the key statistics behind the MicroStrategy Bitcoin buy?

MicroStrategy has made headlines this year as it has become one of the most famous institutional Bitcoin whales on the planet. It has been buying up the cryptocurrency by the bucketload, with four separate purchases totalling over a billion dollars, to the point where the numbers have lost all meaning. Here we look at the numbers and some interesting statistics behind the MicroStrategy Bitcoin purchases, helping to put them into perspective and illustrate just how monumental their buyup is.

MicroStrategy has paid out a total of $1.125 billion on Bitcoin…that’s roughly the same as the GDP of the Solomon Islands.

MicroStrategy now holds 70,040…that’s enough enough to put them 6th on the Bitcoin wallet rich list.

MicroStrategy currently holds more Bitcoin than the Binance Bitcoin cold wallet…now that’s bullish.

MicroStrategy currently holds 0.377% of the world’s supply of Bitcoin…that might not sound like much, but owning 1 is the equivalent of just 0.0000053%.

MicroStrategy paid an average of $15,925 per bitcoin…which means they are currently 47% up in just four months.

MicroStrategy would have faced transaction fees of $1.125-$2.5 million if they had bought on a retail exchange…so thank goodness for OTC desks.

MicroStrategy’s profit on their Bitcoin holdings will hit $1 billion if Bitcoin hits $30,250…which could happen early next year

If MicroStrategy were to give away one bitcoin every day, it would take them 192 years to give away the whole lot…charity begins at home, Michael.

Between its first and latest purchases, MicroStrategy has bought the equivalent of 3,502 every week…well, in lockdown what else is there to do?

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Love Story Casts Saylor as Leading Man

As we can see, the MicroStrategy Bitcoin buyup is truly astronomical in scale, and the fact that they have managed to achieve it within four months is unheard of. CEO Michael Saylor has turned into something of a Bitcoin pin up in the process, frequently referencing the cryptocurrency on social media and in interviews.

There will be many CEOs that are privately bullish on Bitcoin, but there will likely be none as forthright in their support of it, or who are as willing to put their money where their mouth is.