Lost Your Electrum Password? This Powerful Rig Can Help!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Forgetting the password to your crypto wallet can be one of the most painful things to go through – especially if you have a fair chunk of crypto in there. If this is you, don’t fear; a Reddit user by the name of 1G7T has developed an FPGA rig that will help you crack that password in no time at all. It packs so much power that it can try 30 billion passwords per second, meaning it will have your crypto back in no time at all!

A Handful of Requirements

In order for 1G7T to use his impressive rig to crack your Electrum password, he needs a few bits to get started. To be able to use his rig, your password needs to be lost before you upgraded your wallet to Electrum versions after 2.8, otherwise it simply won’t work. This is due to the fact that Electrum changed its encryption mechanism, so if you already don’t qualify you’ve got to keep digging.

electrum rig 1

Next up, you have to run a python script that will grab the first 32 bytes of your encrypted seed, leaving the last 32 bytes with you. Then, you have to send over any details you remember about your password – such as any numbers you could have used or capital letters – as this helps to reduce the cracking time. Then hey presto, 1G7T will put his rig to work and try to crack your password. All he wants in return is a fair slice of the rewards for his hard work – a more than fair deal.

Is Electrum a Wallet You Would Use Again?

If 1G7T manages to recover your password and save your crypto, would you consider using Electrum again as your wallet? Given the ongoing DoS attack that has claimed more than 152,000 nodes and the fact its constantly under attack, you’re probably better off sticking with the new wallet you’ve started to use. Electrum is a great wallet, but it’s prone to attack and this is an issue for many people – including us.

So, if you think 1G7T might be of service to you, hit him up on Reddit to try and recover your crypto. For now, his FPGA rig only works with the old Electrum wallet passwords, but it could be tweaked to run on the Litecoin fork of Electrum. Keep your cryptos safe in the future and store passwords in a very safe location.