Ellipal Gives Users the Power to Buy DASH After User Poll

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Ellipal has added support for DASH in its crypto wallet
  • DASH is quickly becoming a popular cryptocurrency thanks to its speedy confirmation times
  • Ellipal is once again winning over the hearts of its users by listening to their needs

When it comes to hodling crypto, there’s no better feeling than your wallet listening to your voice, adding in support for cryptos you truly care about. That’s exactly what Ellipal has decided to do, hosting polls frequently that allows you to have your say on which crypto gets added next.

In Ellipal’s latest poll, users of the popular crypto app voted to add support for DASH, a leading crypto that has incredibly fast transaction times. DASH is already one of the most popular cryptos out there for transacting in, and now it’s even easier to get hold of thanks to Ellipal!

Buy, Sell and Transfer at the Click of a Button

If you’ve never heard of Ellipal, then you’re missing out on a rather powerful platform that gives you total control over your crypto – not to mention hodling with a wallet that listens to YOU. Ellipal allows you to instantly buy an ever-expanding list of cryptos using your Visa or MasterCard through its rather sleek application.

You can then opt to hodl your crypto in its ultra-secure wallet, taking full advantage of its metal mnemonic seed phrase. Simply pop your seed phrase into this metal case and your seed phrase is safe from water, fire, earthquakes and ink fading over time. Ellipal has thought of everything.

DASH Adoption is Growing

Thanks to its speedy transaction time and low transaction fees, DASH has quickly become the crypto of choice for merchants and shoppers alike all around the globe. In fact, as the Venezuela crisis began unfold, merchants quickly began to adopt DASH in order to keep their businesses rolling. In fact, it’s this hunger for a powerful crypto that transacts incredibly fast forced DASH to spike earlier this year.

You can now get your hands on DASH and hodl it in a syper stylish and easy way thanks to Ellipal. Which crypto do you think Ellipal will list next? Answers on a postcard!