Do Kwon Has Another Enemy…Anonymous

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  • Hacking group Anonymous has labelled Do Kwon as its next target
  • The collective has said it plans to uncover “many more crimes” it believes he has committed since entering the crypto space
  • Anonymous last year targeted Elon Musk over his involvement in Bitcoin and Dogecoin

Do Kwon hasn’t been having the best time of late, something that not too many people are going to be particularly sad about. Terra’s collapse has led him to have the blood of more than one suicide on his hands, he is being investigated by authorities in two countries, and he already has three lawsuits filed against him. Yesterday it was revealed that he has a new enemy, and one that he could most certainly have done without – the hacking group Anonymous.

Anonymous Cites “Significant Evidence” of Do Kwon’s Bad Intentions

Anonymous posted on its YouTube channel a short video explaining why Kwon was its latest target:

In the video, Anonymous claims that Kwon “made a name for himself with his arrogant tactics…and acting like he would never fail” and repeated the claim, denied by Kwon, that he was cashing out $80 million per month during the LUNA boom. It adds that there is “significant evidence that Do Kwon had bad intentions from the start” and mentions Basis Cash, another Do Kwon stablecoin that also failed.

Anonymous signs off by saying that it is conducting its own investigation into the Terra founder, promising to look into Kwon’s “entire history since he entered the crypto space” and stating its belief that “there are many more crimes to be discovered in your trail of destruction.” Finally, it warns Kwon to “expect us”.

Is the Collective Losing its Bite?

Anonymous has gained a reputation for hacking high profile targets in the name of social good, but its powers appear to have waned of late. In June 2021 it told Elon Musk that he was its next target, to which Musk replied with two crying laughing emojis.

Indeed, unless Anonymous has been behind Tesla’s removal from S&P’s ESG Index, its 3.5% headcount reduction and Tesla’s share price tanking compared to Chinese electric vehicles then its attempt to damage him has failed.