ConsenSys Switches Focus to MetaMask Tooling

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • ConsenSys has announced that it’s ditching Truffle and Ganache technology stacks to focus more on MetaMast tooling
  • The two tech stacks were among the first to provide access to Ethereum smart contracts
  • Consensys will replace the toolkits with its recently launched MetaMask Snaps

Ethereum development studio Consensys is phasing out Truffle and Ganache toolkits in favor of Metamask tooling. The two tech stacks have been enabling access to the blockchain’s smart contract functionalities for the last six years. Consensys intends to replace the toolkits with its recently launched MetaMast Snaps allowing developers to create products that can interface MetaMask with other decentralized platforms, a sign that web3 developers are working towards an interconnected decentralized world.

Smooth Transition Expected

In an announcement, the development studio disclosed that sunsetting the toolkits will be facilitated through “a smooth transition” in collaboration with third parties. The announcement attracted positive comments from the community with some noting that Truffle shaped their career while others said that their unavailability marks the “end of an era.”

According to ConsenSys, sunsetting the two toolkits is part of its mission to invest in “new tools to” help developers build superior decentralized applications (Dapps). The development studio added that the Truffle engineering team will be absorbed into its Linea, Infura and MetaMask teams.

Down to Basic Maintenance

In an X (formerly Twitter) post, Truffle disclosed that the project has been facing challenges, adding that the sunsetting will take three months, within which it will “receive basic maintenance.” Truffle also said that they’ll continue building products under ConsenSys where “exciting things are happening.” 

The announcement comes two weeks after MetaMask introduced a sell feature that allows users of MetaMask Portfolio to cash out crypto directly from the wallet. The wallet has also been increasing its footprint in the crypto and blockchain scene through partnerships and new features.

With the Truffle team joining ConsenSys, the development studio is likely to launch more  developer-centric features.