BitStarz News Interview – Super Crypto, Bitcoin Futures Theorist

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  • Wall St.’s goal is to “tame” Bitcoin as long as possible by manipulating the price action, just like with gold and silver
  • Control is exercised through CME futures volume, as confirmed by former CFTC chairman
  • $20,000 and $14,000 Bitcoin prices were “100% manufactured”

Super Crypto first showed his face in October 2017 through his Twitter account ‘Bitcoin, Gold, Silver & Geopolitics’ at a time when Bitcoin was roaring past $10,000 and looked unstoppable. Rather than join in the euphoria however, he instead warned that Wall St. was behind the rise and called for a 95% correction once they had finished pumping it, as well as warning of the negative consequences that the introduction of Bitcoin futures would bring.

Following the comments from former Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) chairman Christopher Giancarlo last week that the Trump administration had indeed launched Bitcoin futures in 2017 to “pop the Bitcoin bubble”, BitStarz News writer Mark Hunter sat down with Super Crypto to reflect on his famous cartel theory and what the future holds for Bitcoin now the authorities officially have their fingers in the pie.

Could you please give a little bit about your background and when you got into crypto?

I am an IT guy working in the USA. I have been a gold and silver investor since 2007, and first bought into crypto in early 2017 when Bitcoin was around $1,000. I also keenly study financial systems and geopolitics, and when I noticed that Bitcoin had started going up fast I was confident the same players that are manipulating the gold and silver markets were doing the same to Bitcoin.

I knew that if Wall St. had entered the crypto space then the small guy would be screwed eventually, so I kept studying and reading the news, and by October 2017 I was confident that Wall St. was indeed coming for crypto. I opened a Twitter account and began posting to warn people of what was going to happen, including a piece on cartel manipulation in early 2018 where I proposed my theories in more detail.

Can you summarize your theory?

Wall St. wants to tame Bitcoin by using futures to perpetually raise and crash the price, forcing hodlers to give up their Bitcoin in frustration and making sure that Bitcoin can’t challenge the financial establishment. This was just a theory until the former CFTC chairman confirmed it last week. Just look at the silver and gold markets since futures were introduced and you’ll see the same pattern. Wall St. doesn’t have complete control yet, but they’re working on it.

How are Wall St. achieving this?

Through the CME futures, which are helping Wall St. do to Bitcoin what they’ve already done to gold and silver. CME futures exist to increase volume. Since current CME volume is low, these unnatural pumps and dumps are created by big money manipulating the price at exchanges, to shake out retail traders and entice hodlers into trading.

They don’t care about price, profit or loss – they want to entice the hodlers into trading so they can exercise more control on the price through the futures markets. That is exactly why they are creating these rallies, where they accumulate, raise the price, then crash it down. After many such rallies, hodlers will realize we are going nowhere, and will be sick of losing money through being on the wrong end of manipulated trades. I predicted these things in my cartel post, many of which have come true, which explains why it has received over 41,000 ‘claps’.

What was the reaction when you first put your theory out?

No one believed me at the time and not many do even now. Take Friday’s Bitcoin rally for example. Everyone is celebrating a 38% historic rally. No one is thinking “why would someone go out on a Friday evening and buy Bitcoin, irrespective of price?” This buyer just wanted to buy for reasons of manipulation – the same as in 2017. When they buy, they just buy. Then they stop buying, crash the market through price drops or FUD in the media, and the story repeats.

What evidence do you have to back up your theory?

Christopher Giancarlo, who was ironically labelled ‘crypto Dad’ by the community in 2018 for praising cryptocurrency, said in an interview last week that, “We saw a (Bitcoin) bubble building and we thought the best way to address it was to allow the market to interact with it.” This clearly shows the intentions within the official circles, and backs up what CME Group’s chairman emeritus Leo Melamed said in December 2017 when futures launched, that they would “tame” Bitcoin. Everyone was excited by futures, but I wasn’t. I knew it was trouble.

Do you feel vindicated by Giancarlo’s comments? How truthful was what he said do you think?

I never had any doubt it was going on. It just provides confirmation of what I wrote in the cartel theory piece. They might not be able to pop the Bitcoin bubble completely, but they’ll keep trying for sure. How truthful? He is telling only 10% of what is going on in the backend. He hasn’t disclosed the players who made it possible. We will never know about these players – they will only disclose what is required at the time it’s required.

What is your hunch as to who the ‘players’ are?

Certain traders, agencies, big financial institutions, and media outlets, to name but a few. Christopher Giancarlo said in his interview that the CFTC, the Treasury, the SEC and the National Economic Council director came together to pop the Bitcoin bubble through futures. We will probably never get more detail than that, unless they decide to tell us.

How strong is the correlation between gold and silver at this point in time compared to when their futures started?

Gold, silver, and Bitcoin are all correlated. The only difference is gold/silver has volume of 350,000+ contracts ($50 billion) per day while Bitcoin is only 8,000+ ($350 million). Therefore, Bitcoin will continue to have consistent rallies and dumps until Bitcoin futures volume matches Gold. From that point on the price will remain stabilized, just like gold and silver.

What will dictate who wins the battle between hodlers and cartel?

If the CME can build futures volume like they have with gold, Bitcoin is doomed. The only way Bitcoin can survive and hit the $100,000 mark if is the bankers lose their grip on the economy, or if American debt causes a financial implosion and we see hyperinflation.

Alternatively, if the cartel are having trouble shaking out the hodlers they will orchestrate a sudden attack on Bitcoin, collapsing the price spectacularly before allowing it to recover. This will see a mass panic sell and will see us back on the path to $100,000. This I consider to be the last and final opportunity to buy Bitcoin cheap, whatever the price may be at that time.

What’s your timespan for that?

It’s impossible to tell the timespan. It could be one year, it could be ten. All I can tell is they have 1) the intentions, and 2) the tools, but how they operate in practice is assumed rather than known for sure. For now, one thing is definite – rallies like the recent one will become a common feature, where hodlers are invited to trade time and again, taking the bait and losing more often than not. The downwards path begins.

The only caveat is sudden hyperinflation, then they lose control. In the long term they will lose control of the economy anyway – real money will win out over manufactured money, we just don’t know when. The main thing is to be holding Bitcoin, gold, and silver when that happens.

How can retail investors protect themselves?

I try to buy the dips and sell the rallies, but if you can’t handle the anxiety of trading then just buy the dips and hodl. Don’t let them have your Bitcoin.

What is the biggest lesson Bitcoiners can learn from gold/silver control?

Suppression can go beyond one can imagine. Gold was suppressed between 1980 and 2002 and has been capped again since 2011. Every Bitcoiner was confident of $50k to $100k in 2018. Nothing of that sort has happened, with the result that they are now celebrating pumps from 7k to 10k. This control will likely continue until the banking system collapses, when hyperinflation will finally take Bitcoin to $100,000. Until then, watch as futures volume increases – more volume means more control by the cartel.

As we’ve seen, government officials are now telling the public what their intentions are behind Bitcoin, but if people still want to believe these movements are organic movements, then I am fine with that. When 99% are saying one thing, the other 1% will not be believed. So I just watch and share my views.

Super Crypto’s Medium account hosts detailed explanations of his cartel theory, with updates as price action and major events develop. His Twitter account @Super_Crypto is also regularly updated with commentary and insight into the latest events in the space, as well as lively interactions with those who both agree and disagree with him.