Bitcoin Integration to Square's Cash App 'When' Not 'If'

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has ramped up his pro-Bitcoin stance by announcing on a podcast that incorporating Bitcoin’s Lightning Network into Square’s popular Cash App was not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’. He also said that incorporating a Bitcoin-based tipping mechanism into Twitter was a “compelling idea”.

Lightning Network Invited to the Square Dance

Dorsey was speaking on the Stephan Livera podcast Monday when the subject of Bitcoin, and in particular Lightning Network, came up. When discussing it, Dorsey announced that the Cash App team was working with Lightning Network developers to make the collaboration work, stating that “We would love to make [Bitcoin payments] as fast and efficient and transactional as possible”, a feat that could only be achieved with Lightning Network’s off-chain microtransaction technology. Cash App is currently the second most popular finance app on the iTunes store.

Is Twitter Next in Line for Lightning Integration?

Among this concrete integration of Lightning Network, Dorsey also floated the idea that the technology might also be the method by which he could enable Bitcoin tipping on Twitter, something that he referenced in a tweet last week.

Dorsey said that the discussion about Bitcoin tipping on Twitter was still in the early stages, stating that it was “something that we want to spend a lot more time on” but that there was “a pretty active conversation within the company.” Dorsey first came out in support of Bitcoin in March 2018 where he stated his belief that it would become the internet’s single currency, something he has the power, and the means, to influence.