Binance Ushers in Blockchain Gaming with ‘Creepts’ Giveaway

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Binance has announced a giveaway with a twist in tandem with the upcoming Cartesi Launchpad IEO – entry depends on the completion of ‘Creepts’, a Linux-based game from Cartesi underpinned by blockchain technology. The tower defense game is one of a number of applications from Cartesi, a Linux infrastructure for the development and deployment of blockchain dApps, with gaming being a natural fit for such a platform.

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No Cheating on the Blockchain

Cartesi launched Creepts in February 2020, a browser-based game that uses the underpinning blockchain technology to determine winners and root out cheaters through smart contracts. The highest scorers over two rounds will be rewarded with CTSI tokens, which can be utilized on the platform or sold on Binance when the coin launches later this month after its IEO.

There are numerous ways to win CTSI tokens through the game, with the reward structure based on your ranking:

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Alongside gaming, Cartesi also hopes to focus on finance apps, according to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, speaking about the token launch:

The opportunity to simply and efficiently deploy decentralized applications paves the way for the influx of new developers into the crypto industry, and Cartesi’s focus on gaming and finance is able to show the benefits of blockchain to users in the most widespread areas.

Blockchain Gaming Yet to Take Off

Despite it being touted as one of the breakthrough arenas, blockchain gaming has yet to really take off. In the three and a half years since Cryptokitties stuffed up the Ethereum blockchain, the breakthrough blockchain game hasn’t yet appeared, despite the efforts of blockchain gaming companies such as Enjin, who have made great strides in the space, such as their tie in with Samsung.

It has often been cited that there are several technical barriers to entry in blockchain gaming, with the technology not yet widely understood and mistrusted by some, but the nature of decentralization means that it comes with a little less convenience than standard gaming. If Cartesi can be the first to ease that passage then they could be onto a real winner, and a Binance Launchpad giveaway is the perfect place to start.