Alex Jones Promotes Bitcoin as Max Keiser Ups Target to $400,000

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Alex Jones has been converted into a Bitcoin believer by uber-fan Max Keiser, in a move that has all the hallmarks of one of Jones’ famous conspiracy theories. Keiser, an outspoken financial analyst who has been bullish on cryptocurrencies for many years, also increased his Bitcoin prediction from $100,000 to $400,000 on the show, based on nothing whatsoever.

Jones Guided by “the Establishments”

Keiser championed the fact that “Bitcoin is the only thing that’s unconfiscatable”, especially important in countries where governments are known to seize assets, something that naturally plays into Jones’ sense of righteous indignation and conspiracy theorising.

Jones, who is famous for pedalling fact-free government cover-ups, stated incredibly that he only talks about “stuff that I understand backward and forwards” and added that he has waited ten years to talk about Bitcoin because he didn’t want to “steer my listeners wrong.” It was also somewhat ironic how the famously anti-establishment Jones revealed how he had been brought on board with Bitcoin:

Folks, the ones that are going to end up being the most legitimate, the ones that have run the longest the best, those are going to have the establishments investing in them, and that’s when I’m like, ‘hey, now I can tell listeners and myself “time to stick the toe in”’.

Jones also compared the creation of Bitcoin to “the power of fire not just being given to the gods but to Prometheus”, which is the kind of typical grandiose statement Jones makes to make himself seem more intelligent than he is.

Jones’ Rationale Makes Sense

Underneath all the hyperbole and the pushing of colloidal silver toothpaste, Jones’ reasoning for not getting into Bitcoin sooner is actually perfectly sound. Since the bubble in 2017, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space in general has matured a great deal, to the point where it is attracting investment from well-respected hedge funds and institutions.

Jones knows that he has a devoted following of millions of people, to which he sells a variety of products, ranging from the toothpaste to muscle formula, and he knows if a product turns sour then he will be on the hook for recommending it.

In this respect, waiting until now to recommend Bitcoin to his audience is a smart move, as it is the most legitimate it has ever been and if it all goes south he can rightly claim that he was guided by the leading lights of the financial world.

All a Little Too Convenient

For someone who is keen on a conspiracy theory or two, we have one ourselves – it’s a little too convenient to have Keiser massively increase his Bitcoin price prediction at the very same time that Jones declares his support for it.

Care to have your bags pumped, sir?