Pungo Is the Blockchain App You Probably Need in Your Life

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Crypto wallets are a dime a dozen, and they have to have a pretty unique feature in order to stand out. While some go for all out privacy and security, while some opt for increased user experience through minimal security features – it all depends what you’re after. Pungo is here to change that, mixing in the best of both worlds – and packing some other pretty awesome features. If you haven’t heard of Pungo, it’s well worth checking out – here’s why!

It Could be the Perfect Wallet

Pungo is available for download on Android and iOS, but it also has a web version for when you don’t have your mobile phone to hand – or you feel like accessing your crypto from your computer. The app is smooth, quick and slick – a very well-designed wallet. You can send and receive a huge range of cryptocurrencies, including virtually all ERC-20 tokens. There is also an in-built stablecoin service, allowing you to deposit a range of stablecoins straight into your wallet. To top it off – and to make it a standout performer, we must add – there is a nifty Pungo Card that allows you to spend your balance in stores around the world.

Spend in Stablecoins

Unfortunately – unlike the Coinbase card – you still need to convert your cryptocurrency into some form of fiat before you can spend it. However, unlike the Wirex card you can actually convert your crypto to a stablecoin and spend that – something a number of states in the US are currently working on making a standard. This is pretty unique as you can send stablecoins from any wallet you have straight to your Pungo account and start spending – no need to convert it multiple times.

Swap Cryptos In App

If you’re in a rush and want swap your tokens, but your crypto exchange doesn’t list the token you want to buy, then Pungo could help out. Pungo has a massive range of tokens available, and you can swap using the peer-to-peer swap system. Thanks to the Pungo Liquidity Engine, your swaps will be matched and filled quickly – meaning you’re never waiting long for the tokens you really need. While a few other wallets do have this feature, very few wallets support the depth that Pungo has.

Pungo is open source and if there is a token not listed that you want, you can drop them an email and they will do their best to get it added – how neat is that. Pungo is changing the mobile crypto wallet game, and it’s well worth checking out.