Hardware wallets are vital in the battle against hackers and crypto thieves, but a lot of new hardware wallets are focusing on being flashy rather than secure. Keevo is looking to mix things up by bridging the gap between usability and ultimate security with its brand-new and elegant crypto hardware wallet – the Keevo Wallet.

The Keevo wallet packs a range of advanced features aimed at keeping your crypto as safe and secure as possible – but is it as good at keeping your cryptos safe as it claims to be?

Loaded With Epic Features

When it comes to the tech under the hood, Keevo has really gone to town for its flagship model. The Keevo wallet comes with dual-chip architecture that uses the same secure MCUs that banks and other security companies use to encrypt and segregate private information, a best-in-class fingerprint sensor, a strong password setup, a unique carbon key, as well as its very own patent-pending Multi-Factor / Multi-Sig Authentication System (“MF/MSA”). These security features combined with a 2.8” color touch screen with IP65 ingress protection for water and dust-tight everyday use to protect from fire or any tampering.

All of these features will help keep your crypto as safe as possible. If you use the Keevo wallet as intended, it is one of the safest and most secure crypto wallets around. However, if you’re not going to take full advantage of all the features on offer, your crypto will only be as safe as on a Ledger Nano S.

Is it Really Using Biometric Security?

Experienced crypto holders know not to solely use biometric security for crypto wallets, simply due to how easy it is to bypass it. Even Samsung’s impressive ultrasonic fingerprint sensor can be fooled using a process that takes less than 10 minutes. Relying on fingerprint technology alone to secure your crypto is a foolish mistake. Thankfully, Keevo does have additional layers of security that will protect you in the event your fingerprint is compromised. All transactions will require you to input a strong password – a pin that you selected yourself – but the much cheaper Nano S also has the same feature.

The carbon key is a pretty nifty four-factor authentication and restoration device, but unless users fork out for the premium service, it’s likely that people will keep the Keevo wallet and the carbon key in the same building – forcing dedicated crypto thieves to go on a treasure hunt of the whole house.

Four-Factor Authentication

The carbon key acts as a paperless recovery system, as well as a four-factor authentication system, making it one of the coolest features of the Keevo wallet. The carbon key stores all of your private keys and acts as a backup device that will allow you to restore your wallet should you lose the touch screen part of the wallet. Keevo is also working on plans to allow users to buy multiple carbon keys for added redundancy.

As part of the Keevo premium service, Keevo will store the carbon key in one of its ultra-secure locations around the globe and ship it out to you should you need it. If the user is making use of the premium service for estate planning, Keevo will only dispatch the carbon key upon a certified proof of death certificate.

Estate Planning Built In

If you’re worried about what will happen to your crypto in the case of your death, Keevo will have your back. You can create a beneficiary in your Keevo wallet by recording their fingerprint and storing their signature in the carbon key. Upon your death, your beneficiary can verify your death with Keevo – just like any heir would with a bank or other financial institution – and Keevo will send them your Carbon Key. This carbon key will have their encrypted fingerprint and strong PIN, meaning they can restore and gain access to your private keys and therefore your crypto. Given Keevo’s MF/MSA system, only the beneficiary can restore Keevo, meaning you never had to share your password or information with them. However, if this person decides to go rogue, they could potentially take your crypto while you’re still alive – so pick someone you trust if you keep your carbon key at home!

This is a pretty awesome feature that virtually no other crypto wallet on the market has. Fortune recently published an interesting article on this conundrum, and Keevo could very well be the answer to millions of people’s crypto estate planning problems.

Simple and Easy to Use

Thanks to the 2.8” LCD touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity, managing your crypto assets has never been so easy from a hardware wallet. There is no need to carry around your laptop and a bunch of USB cables every time you need to make a transaction – like you do with other hardware wallets. Simply connect the two devices using the low energy Bluetooth 5.0 antenna and you’re good to go. On top of this, setting up the device is quick, easy, and simple – perfect for anyone who doesn’t like long-winded and confusing steps to secure their crypto.

Bluetooth connectivity may not be available upon launch, as Keevo is working on making the wireless transmissions as secure as possible, and if this is the case it will be enabled by a firmware update as time goes on. To top it off, a handy mobile app is in the works – so be prepared to experience the easiest way to manage your crypto.

Even the Best Wallets Get Hacked

As John McAfee can testify, no crypto wallet is totally unhackable. That’s right, McAfee was forced to remove the unhackable branding from his Bitfi wallet. No matter how many security features Keevo adds, dedicated hackers will always find a way to crack it. Trezor is continuously finding flaws in their flagship hardware wallets and wallets such as Electrum are vulnerable to DoS attacks. No crypto wallet is totally secure, so take these security features with a pinch of salt.

Keevo is being manufactured and assembled in the US using top quality materials and has a premium feel. If you’re looking for an upmarket crypto wallet that packs a range of pretty cool features, Keevo might be the wallet for you. Plus, the premium plan makes the Keevo wallet really stand out as a top of the range wallet and will add extra security to your device. If you’re willing to pay the price tag and the additional fee, Keevo could be one of the most secure crypto wallets around. More services will be added to the premium account as time goes on, meaning it’s a service that you’re going to want to subscribe to if crypto security, support for dApps, and other features are your top priority.

While it’s not yet available to buy on demand, you can register your interest on the Keevo website. As a bonus, if you’re one of the first 1,000 people to register, you will bag yourself a limited edition case to protect your super-fresh Keevo wallet. What are you waiting for, get over there now and book your place in the queue!