Calvin Ayre’s BSV Holiday Message – A Fact Check

Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • Calvin Ayre has delivered an early Christmas present to the BSV community – a seasonal holiday message
  • In his message, Ayre reflects on 2020 and makes some predictions for BSV in 2021
  • How accurate is Ayre’s 2020 summary, and what can we make of his 2021 predictions?

Calvin Ayre has delivered a holiday greeting to the BSV cult members gang in a two-minute video that makes some startling predictions about the year to come. Ayre will be looking to bounce back from his terrible performance in his 2020 predictions where he said that BSV would become the most highly valued coin in the crypto space, among other spurious assertions. Let’s then fact check his claims about 2020 and see what he thinks 2021 will bring, and what his chances of success are this time round.

“2020 was a crazy year. But it actually wasn’t all that bad for a project that I hold near and dear…Bitcoin BSV.”

Wasn’t all that bad? Ayre made five predictions about how much BSV would grow in 2020, and only got one of them right – the mining profitability. If that’s not “all that bad” then we worry for his standards of personal hygiene.

“When Craig originally invented this technology, he actually wanted to invent a technology that was going to be the world’s best at big data management.”

Hang on, does Ayre mean BSV or Bitcoin? If he means BSV then he’s wrong there because Wright didn’t originally invent that, it was a Bitcoin Cash fork with a few tweaks. On the other hand he can’t mean Bitcoin either because there is no mention anywhere of big data in the Bitcoin whitepaper – in fact the word ‘data’ is only mentioned once. So he appears to be both confused and wrong.

“The reality is is that this massive scaling and its data management capabilities is going to make it the only contender to be the world’s first true world computer.”

What a confused yet beautifully grandiose and utterly vague notion. The concept of a ‘world computer’ has not been adequately defined by anyone, yet a Google search of the term reveals that the vast majority of the internet considers that, whatever the phrase means, there is already a world computer out there – Ethereum.

Although of course Ayre predicts that BSV will be the first “true” world computer, a notion that simply cannot be tested in any quantitative way. Handy that.

“I believe that Craig is going to win all of his lawsuits. I believe the evidence is on his side, the facts are on his side, and history’s on his side.”

Er…no. Firstly, the judge who initially awarded the Kleiman case to Wright’s opponent had some things to say on Wright’s use of evidence and facts:

…the evidence establishes that he (Wright) has engaged in a willful and bad faith pattern of obstructive behavior, including submitting incomplete or deceptive pleadings, filing a false declaration, knowingly producing a fraudulent trust document, and giving perjurious testimony at the evidentiary hearing.

Secondly, Ayre probably shouldn’t be looking to history to bolster his belief in Wright’s legal acumen – Wright’s record reads played two, lost two. And one of those was to Roger Ver for Heaven’s sake.

Ayre Has Learned From 2020

Ayre has clearly learned his lesson from last year and reduced the actual number of predictions, although the ones he has made are whoppers. With Wright facing at least three court cases in 2021 he stands a good chance of losing out on that front, while it will prove impossible to actually test his vague ‘world computer’ notion.

We’re already rubbing our hands and looking forward to this time next year when we can make a call on Calvin Ayre’s 2021 BSV predictions.